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Welcome to Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island.

Welcome to a forward-thinking Chinuch that brings out the talents and strengths of every Talmid in our school.

Welcome to a Yeshiva that is vibrant and bursting with energy.

Welcome to a Makom Torah that is firmly rooted in Torah and our rich Mesorah.


We’ve built a Yeshiva that teaches tools and techniques, not just knowledge and information. Because we know that a confident child is a successful child.

When you give a boy the tools to unlock learning and provide a nurturing place to grow, you’ve opened the world to him – a world with endless opportunities to grow.
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Let's Inspire.

Our world is changing rapidly. Tomorrow’s challenges will be vastly different than today’s.

We are fortifying our talmidim with life-long values and rock-solid Hashkafos grounded in Torah, Yiras Elokim, and Kedusha.
These ideals become part of their identity and enable them to excel in any endeavor as Torah Jew.

Healthy, balanced, unshakable Torah Hashkafos are the hallmark of a Yeshiva Ketana talmid.
Rabbi Krigsman with Talmidim
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Let's make
a Mentch.

YKLI is fully devoted to the development of every talmid as a person and as a mentch.

With small class sizes that allow us to focus on the individual, we impart good middos as an inseparable part of being a true Ben Torah.

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