limudei kodesh

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The Yeshiva's limudei kodesh program is guided by the core principal that cultivating a love of Torah is equally as important as imparting the tools of independent Torah learning. Our Rebbeim not only have the pedagogical skills necessary for developing their talmidim's skills, they have the passion to ignite each talmid's enthusiasm for learning.
Limudei Kodesh
At YKLI, every talmid is immersed in a skill-based curriculum taught by masterful mechanchim who are imbued with an infectious love of Torah and limud haTorah. A YKLI classroom is not a "quiet zone" where a Rebbe is found lecturing his talmidim. It is, instead, a vibrant, active, participatory learning adventure. Every talmid is engaged, every lesson is important.

One of the unique aspects of the Limudei Kodesh curriculum is the incorporation of the Lashon HaTorah/Shoresh program. The program focuses on developing the building blocks of the Hebrew language with an emphasis on Torah learning.
Every class, every grade is a foundation and one step higher on the ladder of successful Torah learning.

The Yeshiva takes a global view of learning.

This approach enables our talmidim to comprehend and appreciate classical Hebrew texts from an early age and motivates and empowers them to reach their full potential in Torah learning. Moreover, the program builds the self-esteem and motivation that are so critical to hatzlachah in learning.

The Yeshiva takes a global view of learning. What a talmid learns in the second grade is not forgotten in the third grade.
Limudei Kodesh