General Studies

Let's learn
about the world.

Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island's General Studies Department is committed to excellence. The Yeshiva's highly acclaimed program stresses the essential core skills of reading, writing, and math as well as natural and STEM sciences, computer skills, literature and history.
General Studies
The curriculum is enriched with additional instruction in Public Speaking, Holocaust Studies, and specialized programming that includes the Science Fair, Memory Day, E2K, book clubs, and more. At YKLI, our students learn by doing, exploring, and discovering. Our creative faculty employs Smartboards, hands-on materials, activities, and games to captivate our students and cement specific learning skills.
Education at YKLI is about empowering the student to believe in his infinite potential and seek excellence in life

Every student at YKLI is given individual consideration as his academic progress.

The General Studies curriculum is rigorous and expansive with our students, guided by skilled, creative, and professional educators who impart the requisite knowledge, along with critical thinking skills, a love for learning, and the desire to rise to the challenge. All of this is done through an integrated, positive and supportive educational environment where children can grow, develop and mature. It is our teachers' overriding objective to foster and nurture a lifetime love of learning and a deep thirst for knowledge. Every student at YKLI is given individual consideration as his academic progress and work habits are monitored, evaluated, discussed and celebrated by the teachers, principals and support staff.
General Studies