About YKLI

Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island was founded in 1995 by a small group of visionary community leaders who, with the guidance and support of local Rabbonim, nurtured a dream to create a community yeshiva which would motivate and guide students to excel in limudei kodesh as well as elementary level secular studies.

The founders recognized, however, that a true Jewish education does not simply entail developing learning skills and acquiring knowledge. It is imperative that every talmid develops a deep and meaningful level of ahavas Hashem, ahavas haTorah and ahavas Yisroel. The founders recognized that the heart of any successful educational endeavor is the teacher. With this core philosophy in mind, the founders insisted upon an unparalleled faculty of handpicked Rebbeim and Teachers -- a faculty that brings not just knowledge but the ability to impart it, not just pedagogical technique but the skill to teach each student al pi darko, not just teachers but mentors and guides.
Yeshiva Ketana Of Long Island
Has Earned An Exemplary Name For Itself
Educating The Boys Of The Five Towns And Far Rockaway Community.
Over the past fifteen years, Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island has earned an exemplary name for itself educating the boys of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway community. The unique nature of the Yeshiva's environment encompassing small class size, personal attention, rigorous limudei kodesh and limudei chol curricula with an emphasis on developing middos tovos has brought national attention to YKLI as a model Yeshiva.

While the Yeshiva has developed a stellar nationwide reputation, the faculty, staff and board of YKLI are never content to rest on the Yeshiva's past accomplishments. The Yeshiva, just as its talmidim, must continue to grow and develop. New ideas, new technology and new aspirations drive the Yeshiva to ever increasing educational success.

Our Approach

At YKLI, a Rebbe is much more than a teacher, he is a mentor, a guide, a coach, a confidant. Our Rebbeim develop an individual kesher with each student not because they have to but because they want to. That is because, in the eyes of our Rebbeim, every talmid is a gem- a unique, priceless treasure that requires polishing and nurturing in order to reveal his innate sparkle.

A true Rebbe-Talmid relationship doesn’t sever when the school day, semester or year ends. Our Rebbeim cherish their time with their talmidim and it's a common occurrence for a Rebbe to invite talmidim for communal lunches or gatherings or to call to perk up a talmid who needs a little lift. Perhaps the best proof of the depth of the YKLI Rebbe-Talmid relationship is borne out by the fact that our talmidim do not hesitate to call upon their Rebbeim for advice or support.

At YKLI, the Rebbe-Talmid relationship serves as the foundation for superior growth in learning and mentchlechkeit.
The Rebbe-Talmid Relationship Serves As The Foundation
For Superior Growth In Learning
And Mentchlechkeit.