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The YKLI Preschool Division provides a warm and nurturing environment that fosters a love of learning, Ahavas HaTorah, Yiras Shamayim, Midos Tovos and Derech Eretz.
Early Childhood
By exploring, observing, experimenting, and being actively involved in developmentally appropriate experiences, the children learn firsthand about the world around them. They enjoy opportunities to take the initiative, figure things out for themselves, and experience success. This strengthens their sense of competence and confidence, their motivation to persist and their willingness to take risks. By encouraging and expanding upon the excitement, wonder and energy of preschool children, our dedicated and talented Rebbeim and Morahs ensure that all of our boys enter their school years as independent, inquisitive and enthusiastic learners.
Our Dedicated and Talented Rebbeim and Morahs Ensure That All Of Our Boys Enter Their School Years as Independent, Inquisitive and Enthusiastic Learners

A Future Of Continued Learning & Growth Throughout The Children´s School Years.

The entire preschool division, from lesson planning and activities to the classroom environment and the daily schedule is designed to accomplish our objective of providing an enjoyable early childhood experience. While nurturing the development of the whole child, academically, socially, and emotionally, we lay the foundation for a future of continued learning and growth throughout the children´s school years.
Early Childhood