Women's League

The YKLI Women’s League

provides for the needs of our children with many different programs and events throughout the school year. It is a wonderful opportunity as parents to get involved, enriching the Yeshiva, while making a difference in the lives our talmidim. Volunteering not only gives you a chance to directly impact the success of our many projects, but it helps build friendships with other parents as well.

A sampling of the YKLI Women's League Events, Programs & Initiatives:

  • Bowl-a-Thon
  • Dor L'Dor Melave Malkah
  • Nit Check
  • Pre-Rosh Hashana Bake Sale
  • Pre-Shavuos Shiur
  • Rosh Chodesh Treats
  • School Calendar
  • Staff Mishloach Manos
  • Weekly Erev Shabbos Pizza
  • Women’s League Annual Tea

Upcoming Events

upcoming events
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Upcoming Events Title Goes Here
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